CalSolv Urinal Opener

Packaged in a 16 ounce bottle, Cal-Solv Urinal Opener is designed for use prior to installing the Cal-Solv Urinal Block and Screen. The safe acid formulation should be applied at 8 to 16 ounces per urinal and allowed to stand for 4 to 8 hours. This may mean shutting down the urinal in 24 hour operations. This application greatly accelerates the urinal drain maintenance program. Cal-Solv Urinal Opener can also be used in lieu of calling a plumber in the event of a plugged urinal that is found to have calcium issues. Cal-Solv Urinal Opener can be used weekly (at 4 – 8 ounces) to maintain waterless urinals.

Why Cal-Solv?

Calcium (uric salt) build-up is the #1 culprit for expensive plumbing calls regarding slow running or plugged urinals. Over time, calcium build-up develops at the effluent drain opening and far down the pipe line. This accumulated hardened mineral also harbors odor causing bacteria that creates unpleasant facilities. The use of enzymes, cleaners, and fragrances WILL NOT dissolve these calcium rocks.

Cal-Solv will dissolve these calcified rocks and eliminate the harborage of odor causing bacteria.

Cal-Solv is a “new technology” solution for lowering urinal maintenance cost. Cal-Solv is simple, easy to use, time driven and works beyond masking facilities with fragrance.