Double Duty DCP

DCP is a dry phase cleaning product that will loosen and extract oil, grease, liquid and related hydrocarbon stains from concrete, asphalt, tile, and other hard mineral based surfaces.

DCP is comprised of an engineered ceramic (patent pending) with a soft scrubbing exterior and internal chambers that lock in contaminates. The exterior of the DCP is wetted with a degreasing formulation which provides extended pH neutral cleaning and natural biological stimulants.

How does it work?
DCP (dry cleaning powder) is simply sprinkled over the affected area and worked in with a stiff brush. Immediately, the DCP will become discolored to brown, yellow or black as hydrocarbons are removed from the hard surface and transferred to the product. The spent powder is then simply swept up. There will be an immediate and significant cosmetic change to the cleaned area. When outside areas are rained upon, biostimulants are released to further clean deep inside the pores. Simply let Mother Nature do the rest.

What do you do with the “spent” powder?
DCP when applied on fats, oils, and grease will lock and contain the source and hydrocarbons. DCP has been clinically tested and is considered non-leaching for landfills based on typical cleaning procedures. DCP has passed *Paint Filter Testing protocols along with an extensive TCLP. In most cases you may simply discard in common garbage.

Is DCP considered to be a “green product”?
An anonymous federal official said…”This product is greener than green!” No waste water run-off, non-toxic, reduced waste, a natural earthen product, accelerated bio consumption and a tool for EPA required Storm /Waste Water Best Management Plans.

Is DCP new technology?
Yes. This product was designed specifically to meet needs that prior to DCP could not be achieved. There has never been a product like this nor is there anything available that can come close to meeting our performance, features and benefits.