With BG-Clean™ 401 and FlameOut™

What Is It?
EnCap with BG-Clean™ and FlameOut™ is a liquid phase, fast acting spill response product specifically formulated to neutralize, clean, deodorize and bioremediate spills caused by oil, gasoline, grease and other hydrocarbons.

EnCap is also a multi-purpose cleaner designed for use on a variety of hard surfaces and is safe for use in the most sensitive situations.

How Does It Work?
The contaminate is detackified and will not re-adhere to the cleaned surface such as showers, fuel islands, sinks, floors, etc. It floats with no emulsion for easy collection.

EnCap incorporates the power of FlameOut™ to penetrate deeply and encapsulate hydrocarbons thereby greatly reducing flammability.

The encapsulation will also eliminate odors and hinder growth of mold and mildew.EnCap uses the proven biodegradation capability of US EPA NCP listed BG-Clean™ 401 to help further speed the cleanup process and reduce future liability.