MPC with Ammonium

What Is It?
MPC is a liquid concentrated cleaner constructed from all natural ingredients with the added power of ammonium.  MPC differs from other cleaners. It has the ability to encapsulate, clean, de-tackify and deodorize slime layers, oils, mold, and mildew.  MPC is pH neutral and is generally recognized as safe.

MPC comes in a convenient, portion controlled one ounce pouch.

How Does It Work?
MPC was designed for use in mop buckets, above the floor cleaning, and streak free window cleaning.  MPC will replace multiple cleaning products and simplify training.  Storage footprint can be reduced by up to 400% by simply eliminating duplicating products.

  • pH neutral and safe to use on any surface unaffected by water
  • When routinely used; surfaces easily release contaminates making cleaning jobs easier
  • Foaming formulation insures economical coverage
  • Designed to release oils within collection systems
  • Great for use on glass, floors, counters, appliances, sinks, and toilets