Concrete and Asphalt Cleaner

What is it?
REJECT is designed to deliver powerful cleaning performances for tough industrial applications.  This is accomplished without dangerous & destructive high or low pH values.  REJECT is environmentally safe and enhances, rather than harms, waste water and separator performance.  Routine use of REJECT will impart “de-tackification” making future cleaning jobs easier. This is because de-tackified surfaces will readily release and “REJECT” oil, grease, and other contaminates.

How does it work?
REJECT offers reduced emulsion by cutting grease and oil into tiny pieces.  A proprietary process we call “micro-fractionalizing”.  REJECT will then “encapsulate” (wrap around) these tiny pieces.  The encapsulation process provides a new food source for the indigenous (existing) bacteria and creates oxygen pockets to accelerate bio-remediation.  In addition, odors are captured and mold & mildew spores cannot reach moisture thus hindering the reproduction cycle.